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Sewing Pattern for a Custom Shop Apron

I designed this apron in 2019 for an industrial sewing class at the NCC Fab Lab. Unfortunately, it was the last project I ever worked on in the Lab.

Deluth makes the best apron I’ve ever worn, so I decided to copy my favorite features and sew one with denim and nylon straps. No pictures because I don’t have either of the aprons anymore

Download the project files here

Deluth apron

Deluth Trading Co apron mine is copied from based on

Apron pattern

The original vector file is with the project files. Some measurements are written on the paper copy below

The dashed line is for trim around the edges. If you sew one of these aprons, make sure to cut the bottom pocket extra-long so it flops open and you can stick tools in it!

Draft of pattern

Paper mockup of the pattern before I digitized it. I hate cutting fabric, so it was designed to be laser cut with the stitch lines burnt into the fabric!

Apron pocket pattern

Closeup of the top pockets

Last modified: 09/19/2021